GOOGLE: Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About GOOGLE.



Google was created to be the ultimate holding company for google. Alphabet grew out of a restructuring that took place in 2004 when Google Inc. was split into two companies: one focused on search, and another on advertising, also known as AdWords. The two were later recombined under the same parent company name, Alphabet Inc., which is based in Mountain View, California, and headed by Eric Schmidt, who has been the CEO of Google since 2002 (before then he served as its chief architect).

the alphabet was made to be the ultimate holding company for google

The alphabet was formed in 2015 as a holding company for which is itself part of Alphabet. It’s a new company—and it’s structured like one too. Alphabet isn’t just an umbrella for all the companies under its roof: It also owns them or at least owns shares in them (via an investment fund).

That means if you own stock in one of Alphabet’s many subsidiary brands and want to sell your stake, there are two options: You can take your money out of one company and put it into another or sell directly through Alphabet itself—which means that any sale would go through Alphabet first before getting transferred over to any other subsidiary brand owner.

Google is very profitable

It is very profitable. The company made $1.9 billion in profit last year, up from $1.3 billion in 2010 and $3 billion in 2009. It’s the most profitable company in the world, and it’s been making more money than Apple for years now.

It has a lot of cash on hand—$30 billion as of March 2019—and it uses this money to fund its expansion into new businesses like drones, driverless cars, and virtual reality headsets (which you can use with your phone).


Google is making efforts to diversify its business

It is making efforts to diversify its business.

In 2015, Google made an acquisition of Nest Labs Inc., a smart home products maker that makes connected thermostats, smoke detectors, and video doorbells. The purchase price was $3 billion and it’s the company’s biggest ever for an individual startup company (excluding Motorola Mobility).

It also acquired Waze for $1 billion in 2013, which helps users find the fastest way from point A to point B through crowdsourced information from drivers who use Waze on their smartphones or tablets; it’s currently available in 37 countries around the world but tests are being conducted for an international launch sometime this year.

Google is diversifying

Google has been diversifying its business by making investments in other companies and acquiring startups. In 2016, Google made an investment in the mental health startup Wellcare Health Plans Inc., which provides telehealth services to consumers. The company also acquired digital marketing platform startup Wildfire Interactive Pte Ltd., which will help to expand its core search engine advertising business.

In 2017, Google invested $550 million in Nest Labs Inc., an internet-of-things hardware maker with products such as smart thermostats that connect directly to smartphones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks (and lets users control them remotely). The company was founded by former Apple executive Tony Fadell and holds about 20 patents related to connected home devices or technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). It’s unclear how much longer these acquisitions will last; however, they do show that despite their size—and even though it may seem like everything is going against them at times—Google isn’t giving up on finding ways for people around the world access information about themselves online thanks solely because of their name: “Google.”



Google is a very powerful and influential company. It has many products that we can use in our lives. But, it is also important to know what Google does. They are trying hard for the future of their business by diversifying their services and making sure everyone has access

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