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zoro pfp


Zoro php is one of the main characters in One Piece. He’s a pirate who lives on an island called “Water 7” and is known as the strongest swordsman in history… which may or may not be true. However, he does want to be the best at everything he does!

Zoro is a member of Nami’s group, but he has his own crew as well.

Zoro pfp is a member of Nami’s group, but he has his own crew as well. He is a pirate and swordsman who joined the Straw Hat Pirates years ago. He also works with Sanji, Franky and Usopp in their activities like hunting for treasure or fighting against other pirates.

Zoro pfp was born in West Blue but left when he was young to join another pirate crew led by Kuma-shahi (Blackbeard). After almost dying during an attack by one of Blackbeard’s men, Zoro swore revenge against them all for what happened to him so that day became known as “Zoro’s Revenge”.zoro pfp

After meeting up with some old friends from his past life in Wano Country (Kuroobi Island), they decided to go back together again under one name – Straw Hat Pirates!Zoro pfp

zoro pfp

He has a habit of keeping all the women in his life under his thumb.

Zoro pfp is a bad guy, but he’s also the most likable one in this series. He has a habit of keeping all the women in his life under his thumb (that’s why I’m not going to name names), which makes for some great comedy moments. His love for alcohol is also pretty fun to watch as well—he will drink anything from sake to wine and beer if it’s cheap enough!

He was born in West Blue, where his father was a pirate.

As the story goes, Zoro was born in West Blue. His father was a pirate and he named his son after him (Zoro).

Zoro wants to be the strongest swordsman in history.

Zoro pfp wants to be the strongest swordsman in history.

This is because he wants to be the strongest swordsman in history and it’s his goal.

Zoro pfp has set out on this path because he believes that if he can become strong enough, then others will accept him as a worthy member of their group and give him respect for his skills. He doesn’t just want people to acknowledge him as an equal; he also wants them to fear him so much that they will do whatever it takes (including fighting each other) just so they don’t get hurt by him or anyone else who is considered superior at swordplay than them!

His signature weapon is a katana, which he named after his mother.

His signature weapon is a katana, which he named after his mother. She was a great swordsman and he wanted to be as good as her.

Robin’s nickname for him is “Robin the Animal” because of how often he does this (or, you know, just because).

Zoro pfp is so popular, in fact, that Robin has given the nickname “Robin the Animal” to Zoro. This makes sense given that Zoro is a pretty animal-like character who often acts like one. Also, there’s no doubt that Zoro’s sword—known as Robin Hood—would be an animal of some kind!

The real question here isn’t whether or not you can use this wallpaper on your phone; it’s whether you think it looks good enough for other people to see it on their screens too!

Sometimes Zoro gets super sensitive over things that don’t even matter or make sense.

Zoro pfp is a very sensitive person, and sometimes he gets upset over things that don’t even matter or make sense. For example, when you ask him to take out the trash in your house after you’ve cleaned up, he’ll get upset if you ask him again two minutes later. If you’re sick and go to work early one day because of it (and then ask Zoro how his day went), he’ll get annoyed with everything about the situation—even though nothing has changed since yesterday!

If someone else tries to talk about something that offends their sensibilities (like politics), Zoro may not be able to think about anything else except how much they disagree with them on this specific topic.

This wallpaper is great!

This wallpaper is great! It’s a great way to show off your favorite anime character, and it’s especially fun if you’re into cute designs. You can pick out the personality of the character by looking at how they’re styled or portrayed in artwork, but this gives you an even bigger boost because now you’ll have something pretty on your wall and something that reflects who they are as well!

This is also perfect for those who like their characters with some flair—if nothing else, it’ll make them stand out among other people’s walls with similar wallpapers as theirs (or worse).

zoro pfp


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