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The company was founded in 1997 by two friends, Karen Fung and Janice Chang, who wanted to create a product that would help people take care of themselves naturally. The name “soap2day” was created as an acronym for “soap every day.”

The founders also wanted to share the benefits of using natural products with others, so they set up soap2day as a business where people could order products online or visit the store in person to learn more about what they offer

Generate content

Soap2day is a company that uses artificial intelligence to generate content for its clients. They believe that AI can help with the process of creating content for any industry.

In 2018, they partnered with the BBC to create a soap opera using AI-generated scripts. The show was called “The Young Doctor”. It was about a medical student who has to balance her studies with caring for her family.

web-based service

Soap2day is a web-based service that allows users to quickly create a new website or blog. The service was created by an individual who wanted to create a platform for people to easily create, publish, and manage their content.

Users can choose from one of three templates: “simple,” “blog,” or “business.” Once they have selected their template, they can customize the design with colors and fonts. Users also upload their own logo and photos.

AI writing assistant

Soap2day is the first AI writing assistant that can write for any topic, in any genre and style. It has been trained on over one billion words to be able to produce a large volume of quality content.

created by a team

Soap2day was created by a team of writers and engineers who wanted to automate their own work process. The idea was born when they found out that they were spending too much time on repetitive tasks, such as proofreading or formatting. They came up with an AI-powered solution that could do this for them and save them time.

Soap2day is a content generation platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate texts in any style, on any topic, and at scale. Soap2day’s AI engine has been trained with over 1 billion words and

AI writing assistant

Soap2day is an AI writing assistant that has been designed to generate content for a specific niche. It can write articles, blog posts, and other types of content for the healthcare industry.

It also offers a free trial and it’s available on iOS and Android.

web-based application

Soap2day is a web-based application that uses AI to generate customized soap products for customers. The AI writing tool can be used to create personalized messages, offers, and other creative content for different occasions.

Soap2day is an example of how AI writing can be used in the future of copywriting by generating content ideas at scale.

The idea for soap2day was born when founder, Liora Kremen, realized that she had an allergy to most commercial soaps and detergents. In order to find out which soaps were best for her skin, she had to go through all of them one by one. She realized that it would be much easier if there was a way to get recipes for personalized soaps without having to go through the process of trial and error.


AI-driven chatbot

Soap2day is an AI-driven chatbot that connects with customers and helps them find the right soap product. The chatbot is powered by AI that helps it understand customer queries, answer them accurately and provide the best recommendations.

AI can be used to do a lot of things in the content writing department, such as generating content ideas at scale or getting rid of writer’s block.

A soap2day is a day where you wash your clothes and clean your dishes.

It is a day where you do all the dirty work that needs to be done.

Developed by a team

The soap2day app has been developed by a team of professional copywriters who are experts in their respective fields. The app provides its users with information on the latest products and trends in the beauty industry.

Soap2day is an app that provides its users with information on the latest products and trends in the beauty industry. Developed by a team of professional copywriters, this app is intended to provide a user-friendly experience for those who are new to this type of content.


Soap2day is a chatbot that helps people find the best soap for their needs. It is also a great example of how AI writing assistants can be used to generate content.

The chatbot asks the customer questions about their skin type and other preferences, and then it uses that information to recommend products. It also includes some of the customer’s personal data in its responses, which could make it more trustworthy than a human salesperson.


The soap2day app is a content writer’s dream come true. It helps them generate content for their clients and get rid of writer’s block.

The app is a content writer’s assistant that helps them with generating ideas, writing, and editing the content.

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